“Reading 2005: to read the 21st, For a Culture of Peace” Congress

Magisterial Lectures
1- Subject: Reading, humanism and culture of peace.
2- Subject: Books for children and young people and cultural identity.
3- Subject: Multiple readings : multiple knowledge.
• Around the world in two hundred years.
On the occasion of the Celebrations for Hans Christian Andersen´s Bicentennial and the Centennial of Jules Verne´s death.
• The Quixote today.
On the occasion of the Celebrations for the 400th anniversary of the First Edition of the Quixote.

1- Subject: Role of reading in human development: the family, the school, the library…
2- Subject: Reading, neo-liberal globalization and the information society.
3- Subject: Books for children and young people: ventures, adventures and misadventures.
4- Subject: Literature, ethics and society.
5- Subject: Reading and health: an ineluctable relationship.

First IBBY International Workshop: We work for the children
(Length: 20 hours each)
1- Writing for children and young people for a world of peace.
2- Illustrating for children and young people.
Assembly Room
• Authors' Assembly Room: La Edad de Oro
Daily exclusive space where well-known authors (writers and illustrators) of children’s books will discuss their work in an open dialogue with the audience.

• Papirola Festival
• Visits to schools and cultural centers.

Writers, illustrators, designers, editors, critics, researchers, teachers, librarians, book and magazine sellers, sociologists, psychologists, translators, reading promoters, health care, mass media, marketing, advertising, informatics professionals, and students, among others.

• Spanish
• English
Simultaneous translation will be provided only for special lectures.

• UNESCO Regional Office for Culture in Latin America and the Caribbean
• Regional Center for the Promotion of Books in Latin America and the Caribbean (CERLALC)
• "Juan Marinello" Center for Research and Development of Cuban Culture

• Habana Libre Tryp Sol Meliá Hotel

Delegates (Participants and lecturers) 300.00 CUC

Students 250.00 CUC
(Registered in university regular courses and under 25 years old)
Escorts 200.00 CUC
(Delegates, workshop participants, students and escorts travelling through UniversiTUR CUJAE Travel Agency, official receptor of the Congress, will get a 25.00 CUC discount from the registering fee).

The registering fee will be paid, with no exceptions, upon arrival in Cuba, and it includes:
Delegates: Credential, working materials, certificate of attendance to the Congress, welcoming cocktail, lunches and access to all scheduled, scientific as well as collateral, academic activities, with the exception of the First IBBY International Workshop: For the children we work.
Workshop participants : Credential, working materials, certificates of attendance to the Congress and to the First IBBY International Workshop: For the children we work, welcoming cocktail, lunches, and access to all scheduled, scientific as well as collateral, academic activities.
Escorts: Credential, welcoming cocktail, farewell luncheon, and closing cultural gala. Access to scheduled scientific activities not included.

Note: Registering deadline: July 30, 2005

For any information concerning the scientific (Seminars, First IBBY International Workshop: For the children we work, Workshops, and others) and collateral activities of the Congress, please, contact:

Dra. Emilia Gallego Alfonso
Organizing Comittee
e-mail: emyga@cubarte.cult.cu
Lic. Aimée Vega Belmonte
General Coordinator
Organizing Committee
e-mail: aimee@icaic.cu

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